Water-Saving Tap Filter

Made in Korea
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Uniquos Tap Filter, UQ-303, can be fitted on regular fixed type faucet and it helps to remove debris, rust, and residual chlorine from tap water due to the 2nd contamination in the old water pipe and water tank. Even if the original water quality is good, the water quality can be contaminated during delivery via old and rusted iron water pipe and non-cleaned water tank.
Made in Korea, Uniquos Tap Filter brings the solution for the 2nd contamination to supply clean water to every kitchen with the economic cost. With its patented triangular water plate holes, the tap filter has water saving effect and gives strong water pressure which can lead to strong cleansing effect.
We recommend change of replacement filter every 3 months* for better effect.
*Based on an average usage of 4 family members in a household.
Water Saving
Technology thanks to patented triangular hole of water plate.
Chlorine Removal
Vitamin C filter removes 98% residual chlorine in tap water to wash vegetables, fruits and food.
Negative Ions
Come in super-jet spray high water pressure to wash foods and others more effectively.
Rust & Lime Removal
A micro fabric filter helps to remove rust and lime from the tap water.

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